mission statement:

Field & Stream Restorations - Making earth sustainable and valuable, for our lives and beyond

Our solutions will be focused on environmental and aesthetic values while also meeting our clients' needs, desires, and budgets - ultimately surpassing their expectations! The work we do for our clients provides challenging, rewarding, and meaningful projects that allow staff members to establish a rewarding career and benefit themselves as well as their families and the communities in which they live.


about us:

Our goal is to create great-looking, sustainable landscapes that increase the natural value of the soil, water, and plant life.

Ecologists at Field & Stream Restorations have been providing valuable solutions to their clients for over two decades. Our work includes:

Historic Headwaters

Worked with state and local stake holders to revise and implement a restoration plan to daylight a historic headwaters stream that feeds into Geneva Lake. Fontana, Wisconsin.

Restoration of Site

Created and implemented the restoration of a temporary 15 acre industrial site used for PCB sediment de-watering on the lower Fox River. The restoration included soils, vegetation, wildlife control, and stream structure installation. Menasha, Wisconsin.

Invasive Species Control

Reduced invasive weeds on Wisconsin Department of Transportation wetland mitigation sites. Restoration included the application of herbicides to difficult-to-access sites using all-terrain vehicles and helicopters.

Wetland Mitigation

Designed and implemented a 40 acre wetland mitigation project. The project included the addition of 6,000 trees, 44,000 live plants and three native seed mixes. This site is well recognized as a success by state and federal regulators. Arcadia, Wisconsin.

Stormwater Basin

Designed and implemented a 7 acre regional stormwater basin project. The restoration included installing wetland and prairie vegetation around two basins. Vegetation management continues 7 years later with prescribed burning and weed control. Fitchburg, Wisconsin.

Roadside Erosion

Designed and implemented 13 miles of roadside erosion control and permanent seeding during and after the burying of electric cables for a wind farm project. Howard County, Iowa.

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